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          Think outside the box.   Doing the Right thing at the Right time in the right manner, be "ORGANIC"

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    Shop for your Bespoke Marketing Plan Here!

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    We help our Customers to know the world, better.

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    Time to take your U turn to UK Education

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    Change, never too late

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    Nothing new it’s all about knowing the basics.

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    Leadership it's all about People.

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    Do not rush into conclusions.
    Find, find more...

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    Being stable is about adapting to changes.

Your agency that would rather outsmart the competition than outspend them.

Novelwall was born in London in the summer of 2010 during a recession and without a founding client. The agency was established by three dedicated idealists with a shared passion for understanding customers and their behaviour, as well as shared values and common-sense organisation principles.

They pooled their resources to acquire a single client from the education sector and announced to the world that an agency with a new vision is born.

In the midst of intensity and rivalry Novelwall was thriving and escalated its client portfolio from one to twenty two by the end of 2012.

The awesome culture and well defined belief is what continues to be the leading tenets of Novelwall for the past four years. A testament to why we now have over 50 well satisfied clients and countless customers to share the excellence of the Novel service experience.

"We believe that the only way to stand out from the competition is to outsmart them in creativity, simplicity and reality: with the combination of innovation, trust, appealing quality and a helping hand." ~ T. Ousmand (2012)

We are UK's leading Marketing company in the Education sector with the vision to achieve what our clients may have bench marked.

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    "Our vision is to achieve what you have bench-marked with Innovation, Trust, Appealing quality and Helping hand."

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    Student loan system reaches ‘tipping point’, war

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    Funding boost for music education in England

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    • RT : Fulltime students starting uni in Sept 2014 whose household income is <£42k can get a grant that doesn't have to be paid back,

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    Graduate job vacancies predicted to ‘rise by 10%’

    Employers are expected to recruit many more graduates this year, according to the Associat

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    Graduate vacancies at five-year high, sugge ...

    Graduate vacancies at major UK employers are at their highest since 20

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    Graduate jobs recover to ‘pre-recession peak ...

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    UK graduate vacancies ‘recover but posts lef ...

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